Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Character Exploration & Color Test - COMIC BOOK

 This is definitely premature, but I Though it's best to show my characters for the comic book project that I am working on. At present I am still piecing together the story and plot. Most times its best to work the story first, then the characters, but in this case I kinda knew what my characters looked like and their nuances. Personality is very important to me when designing a character, you need to understand them and have a piece of yourself in whatever you make or create in this case I will just give a brief summary which at this moment in development is not set in stone.
 Helena is the oldest of the two sisters she is refined and elegant, proper in a sense of demeanor. The girls are daughters of an Emperor so Helena takes her role as being a member of a high honor to her world.

On the other hand Ria has a sense of indifference to her role. Being of noble or high honor she's treated differently, she is needed to be refined and proper of which she is not. She is quite the opposite.
(That would be all for now. But I will mention a bit about the image below.)

Through the course of the story, characters evolve and change. Of which I have given everyone a huge spoiler regarding the hair, which will explain in my comic/GN.
These roughs are really bad, but it's good to show processes... Even if it's embarrassing. 

The character's appearance is subject to change and alteration, the images portrayed here are preliminary images and do not reflect the characters to their entirety.