Wednesday, 4 March 2015



 HERO concept design and HUD Interface. Note: Lance uses blue energy for various moves as well as character moves. 
 Swamp Level concept (Boss battle)
Creatures eyes need to be blinded and they shoot lasers/energy beam for enraged move
 Creature Concept (Boss Battle) See-Monster. Note: Eyes move at same rate and looks at players orientation.
Quick Idle animation (Note: rough and short)

 Village Level concept (Mini Boss Battle)
These guys get common after you level up and pass these stages
 Dodge when he swings Meat Mallet and cut attack the rope on his back and drop his cauldron. Take too long and you will experience the mallet tornado attack. Note: not in scene but Grunts will be running at you.
 Creature Concept and layout Note: Character Jiggles when cauldron is removed.
Rough illustration of Various Grunts encountered in different levels. Note: Simple run and attack animation.

Thank you and I hope you like this. This project is just one of the many ideas that i want to bring to life. I have always loved 2d platform games and hope that one day I could entertain future generations and inspire would-be Game Designers and concept artists. 

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