Monday, 30 March 2015

Lion Queen Re-Visited

Lion Queen

Processes from digital lineart to color (colour)
 Hello Everyone,
Firstly I am So Happy to see the amount of page views this little blog has gotten this year.

I am motivated to keep improving and as an example here is The revisited Design for the Lion Queen. I posted the rough illustration way back(image below) and was unhappy about how her face turned out, so after a continuous practice, trials and errors I have Managed to come up with a more desirable outcome.
Original illustration Circa: 21-06-2014
I realize the feline features are interesting elements but it didn't deliver on the at the time i was doing this illustration I had an idea of having a series of illustrations of human/animal characters with story descriptions for the above:
 Lion Queen was a daughter of a traveling hunter who was cursed after her father killed an ancient African spirit "The Golden Lion."